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Our control room

Happy new year ! I hope you're doing well !

Lots of progress made in here. Rooms are completed, new gear is in the house, and most important, music is recorded (yes, some of the first bands recording here) now that the control room is done. Acoustically anyway... (really dont care about lights and furtiture :) )

I'm very satisfied with my new listening environment. I have been struggling to listen properly for many many years. Kudos to J.H. Brandt

We were so anxious in the last few days to test the control room as it was getting finished.
Will get nerdy now...

I actually did some measurements BEFORE installing all the cloud traping (lots of glass wool over my head and there's also the cloud panel just above the listening position) which gave me horrible results (30dB differential peaks and dips in the low end). This was sorted out as soon we installed all the treatment. Moral lesson: don't rush.

Actually, all the stuff in the ceiling comprises of 56% of the TOTAL treatment in the room. Why did I do the test before that? No idea.

I also did some tests and fine tuning, and the results are good. The control room sounds correct. It's roughly +- 4dB across the spectrum without any EQ or correcting units using psychoacoustic smoothing. I can honestly say I feel like I'm hearing the MM35s for the first time. This speaker is DEAD brutal. It spits in your face whatever is in both frequency and time domain. The distortion levels are increadibly low and there stereo image is just correct. Not narrower or wider than it should be. And the phantom center is very accurate. I feel like I'm listening with very detailed headphones (ofcourse lots of stuff missing on my HD650 compared to the Barefoots, even in the mids). RT60 on the room is sweet 0,13 sec.

Apart from that all the woodwork is installed on the entrance-rest areas, audio boxes are installed, doors are installed, electrical installation is almost there, PS3-Nintendo Switch-A small pocket PC with tens of thousands of retro games are in the leaving room, the small booth is ready, there's NO hot water yet, people are struggling to find us due to missing intercom (actually we'll get this sorted very very soon) and the big tracking (live) room although not 100% ready, it is functional and absolutely workable. Actually it sounds huge !

New gear

Got a new amp head, its an ENGL Savage Special edition. Fantastic amp. Very useful for studio work. Great sound. I love the triode-pentode switch!

Two new mics, the ribbon No-Hype Audio LRM-2 and a Sennheiser MD 421. Also did maintanance work on my two vintage U-87. One of them needed replacement on the FET module.

Also decided NOT to get a second reference speakers. Instead, get to know my existing speakers like the palm of my hand.

Big hug to Michael Markanatonakis, this studio is his creation as much as mine. Also thanks to Keith Noah and Vaggelis Havos for helping finishing the control room (this diffuser that you see on the picture weights 200kg...not easy to install). Also thanks to Alex Ketetzian from Unreal Studios and Niko Iosifidis. These people know their craft very well and are happy to share their knowledge.

So the conclusion is that we have a good sounding control room. Actually a PROPER one. Is this JUST what you need to make good music? No. Is it a VERY important part of the whole chain? Yes. One of the most important.

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