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It's summer 2017 and the studio is finally at a working state. While there is some woodwork left to do (kitchen included...where are we gonna cook our meal?), I can't help my self from setting up mics and start recording.

Construction began on November 2015 and will end by September 2017. I can't say I loved the whole phase (lol) and while there have been many obstacles, the Greek crisis and capital controls being a part of them, we (plural goes for my good friend and great architect Michael Markantonakis who has been extremely helpful and supportive) managed to overcome them and I now feel...relieved. Seeing (and hearing!!!) this "beast" come alive and finally starting to produce music, gives back everything in return.

I'm not gonna lie...there were phases when we (again for Mike) forgot what we were actually building. A proper music studio is not a straight forward thing to build. Not here at least. I can't say we didnt do any mistakes, after all this is something that we have never done before, but we finally managed to build something we are proud of.

But enough on construction (literally). This is all about music and that's what it should be about (from now on)...

I believe a studio's "life" is the artists who use it.

Sure, everything plays a role. The acoustics, the equipment, and, of course, the experience of the crew. But all of these are there to serve the music and the artist. I have been watching the Greek music scene and have been discovering fantastic bands (and, fantastic productions from other studios as well).

My only wish is now to work with good artists. Those are the people who will take get the best out of me as an engineer, and I hope that me and the studio will be there to get the best out of them. Every project is different, every person is different and every song is different, and we are always there to give what it needs and also learn from it.

Thanks for reading !


PS.: While the construction is coming to an end, I would like to thank all the people who helped in any way. Many thanks to Michael Markantonakis, Dionisis Daras, Spyros Moschovakos, Alfonso Migdanis, Keith Noah, Dimitris Chatzikiriakos, Vaggelis Havos, Giorgos Dorkofikis, Alexandra Goga, Despina Katsouli, Dimitris Tsakmakis, George - Maria & Michael Kyrlis, Vasilis - Alexis & Chris Nikolakopoulos, Giorgos Tsichritzis, Yannis Mitsiou, Vasilis Milonas, Stavros Tsikrikas, Stelios Kamvas, Nikos Iosifidis, Giorgos Skordilis, Yannis Skoutaris, Chris Chatzistamou, Gregory Galanis, John H. Brandt, Natasha Tsirou, Dimitris Karpouzas, Nasos Stoligkas, Stavros Stogianov, Pantelis Dimitriou.

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